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Today's Top 20 Posters

  Member Joined Total Member Posts Posts Today % of today's posts  
Dave W's Photo Dave W 17-September 10 1,453 14 42.42%
djg's Photo djg 18-October 14 6 4 12.12%
Rcoleman556's Photo Rcoleman556 05-August 15 10 4 12.12%
ChefsWild's Photo ChefsWild 18-August 14 225 4 12.12%
John Smalldridge's Photo John Smalldridge 31-January 14 166 3 9.09%
ladyflyfsh's Photo ladyflyfsh 15-September 10 635 2 6.06%
Kevinmj70's Photo Kevinmj70 Yesterday, 08:34 AM 1 1 3.03%
kinxmaigh's Photo kinxmaigh 30-August 15 3 1 3.03%

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